Why .NET?

If your staff or customers use Windows, then you need .NET applications. Why? The .NET platform was specifically designed for creating customized, Windows-compatible applications for use on a range of devices, from desktop PCs to tablets to Windows phones – so no matter how your customers or team members reach out to you, they can find and engage you. Consider how far you can go with all this at your disposal:

 Cloud Applications

The cloud is the safest and most robust environment for storing your data and housing your important apps, and because they can be accessed from anywhere, cloud-based apps are also convenient for busy users and enterprises with multiple locations. Cloud apps developed with Windows Azure have the additional advantage of the familiar, user-friendly Windows interface, making them even more convenient and learnable for end users. Whether you need a cloud-based solution to storing and organizing large amounts of data, a custom-designed, dynamic application such as a customized CRM platform, or apps for mobile service, it’s all possible.

Desktop Applications

Get information, make sales faster, and end the clutter and lost productivity of paperwork with convenient desktop apps such as online forms developed with Windows Forms and online store interfaces powered by Windows Store Apps, as well as client information and service applications. Graphical user interfaces ensure ease of use, and Microsoft-certified developers ensure the security and reliability your business demands.

 Seamless Migration from Older Platforms

If you’re happy with your current applications in older formats such as .ASP or Java, but want to update to a more current and efficient operating platform, no worries – your current applications can be easily and seamlessly migrated to a .NET platform with no loss of functionality. You’ll have the ease and continuity of your proven tools made even better with a platform that allows potential for even greater growth.

Attractive, Engaging Interfaces

Engage your clients and team members with customized, interactive applications built on Microsoft Silverlight, a program specifically designed for streaming content-rich media such as videos and animation. Silverlight is compatible with a wide range of handheld devices and browsers, so your app can make an impact anywhere.

Product Customization

Can you take a proven .NET-based product and make it an even stronger tool for your business? Absolutely. Seasoned specialists are on hand to help you with your customization needs, ranging from SharePoint development to Dynamics CRM development to Microsoft Add-in development. Think of all the ways your software can better help your business grow – then make it a reality.