In the current economic climate, many financial service companies have realized they need to set themselves apart from their competition. Unfortunately, products and pricing can be copied and duplicated, making it difficult to stand out in the market.

How can you set yourself apart from your competitors? Offering a positive customer experience is the best solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is known for helping companies cultivate relationships with their clients while simultaneously improving their profitability and production. Daruma Tech proudly offers Microsoft Dynamics CRM to professional and financial institutions both locally and around the globe.

Build a Professional Team

Dynamics CRM provides a full range of tools and templates for the financial industry that can let you do all this:

  • Customize targeted offers, identify prime clients, and increase wallet share with a notable 360-degree view of customer portals
  • Help win customer loyalty via customized client services across various channels
  • Automate key tasks to enhance operational efficiencies
  • Utilize core competencies
  • Lower the cost of ownership and extend the value of your IT investment

Wealth and Asset Management

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your team can help increase your clients’ managed assets while significantly reducing administrative overhead. It also gives you the power to do all this:

  • Establish customer loyalty by arming your team with immediate customer information and tools so that they can better accommodate clients
  • Improve overall sales and cross-sales by ensuring that bank policies and pricing are set properly and within your retention strategies
  • Track sales, isolate risks, and identify valuable clients easily with the help of the CRM system’s analytics dashboard
  • Elevate operational efficiency by automating key tasks; from client onboarding to quarterly reports


Daruma Tech can show you the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and how it can boost your revenue, sales, quantity of customers, and more:

  • Enhance customer relationships by providing your staff with a complete customer account overview incorporating account information, needs, desires, preferences, and history
  • Improve overall sales and cross-sales by ensuring that bank policies and pricing are set properly and within your retention strategies
  • Integrate the CRM system with key systems to understand risks (such as late payments and low credit scores,) and how to manage them
  • Cut operational costs for branches, call centers, and offices by reducing administrative chores and busywork


Transform your business from policy-oriented to customer-oriented, teaching your employees to be more effective, with the help from Daruma Tech and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  • Help heighten operational efficiency by centralizing policyholder information (claim details, key relationships, and outreach information) in a single accessible but secure location.
  • Build customer loyalty and renewal rates with increased inquiry handling, up-to-date claims resolution, and improved customer service
  • Reduce broker and agent busywork by providing mobile solutions to improves response time to customers Gain insight into your entire business (sales details, broker productivity, client loyalty, and claims processing) with customized dashboards and data analytics