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Passport programs are a convenient way to encourage your users to sample all that your members offer and reward them for their efforts.


Each location has a robust listing including images, location details like hours and description, & deals. Connect with customers by listing your locations.


Locations can post deals, so users always know what’s happening around town and where to look for the next big deal.


Toggle between the map view or list view to allow users to select locations and save their curated trails for the next adventure.


Keep locals and visitors up-to-date by having each location post their in house events.


Share the experience through comments and photos with other users.


Encourage users to participate in the loyalty program by offering various tiers of swag.


Generate revenue, get local businesses to become sponsors and invest in your app.


Paid membership feature allows users to manage their membership, update payment methods, and, best of all, it’s done securely from the app.


App users are the first to have all the upcoming festival information including times, dates, locations, booth numbers, food offerings and more!


Provide the app user with a personalized space dedicated to keeping track of trails, badges, favorites,
and more.


With the push notification feature, app users are the first to know about upcoming events, the latest news, updates and more.

Abinko Platform

About Abinko Mobile Content Management System

Abinko mobile content management system (MCMS) is a feature-rich mobile platform that enables Economic and Tourism Development Councils to engage, manage and monetize their users anytime, anywhere. Daruma Tech creates immersive mobile experiences for Apple iOS and Android devices with pre-packaged mobile solutions.


Update your app real time. Mobile content management lets you update the content in your app without the need to re-submit to the app stores.


The more you learn about a customer, the better you can communicate with them. Our Customer Engagement Platform collects customer data.


Know exactly how your marketing is doing with just a quick glance. Analytics from all your customer engagements can be seen right on our dashboard.


Associations can manage their members easily with a simple click of a button; deactivate, send a receipt or view their content.


Take your loyalty program to the next level by including the paid membership feature which brings in revenue and offers users maximum benefits.


Each member will have access to their portal to manage their content. These include location listings, events, deals and other content.


The reward program is what draws app users to participate in the loyalty program. Add, edit and fulfill rewards all from one location!


Easily manage the backbone of the app, the Passport Program! Edit, update and enhance this vital tool with a few clicks of a button.


Connect with app users by sending push notifications to promote events, news, updates and more.


Ability to group locations based on geography or commonality.


Generate revenue, get local businesses to become sponsors and invest in your app.


Attract festival goers by providing details to your next festival so they can make the most of their visit.

Here’s What They Say:

“The management team and staff at Daruma Tech went above and far beyond anything the Museum could have expected on this project. The work was always excellent, very creative, delivered on-time, on budget and always exceeded expectations. The most impressive characteristic the staff demonstrated during this project was their ability to listen to our ideas and concerns. They also provided brilliant solutions to make the app better. I am excited to continue to work with Daruma Tech in the future and I highly recommend Daruma Tech to anyone that has software development needs.”

“I’d like to thank the Daruma Tech team for the terrific work on creating a mobile app to support our Sea Turtle Day festival. Feedback from staff and visitors was overwhelmingly positive, and even our littlest users were delighted with the features and ease of use. As a non-profit, finding a reasonably priced solution was a key factor in our selection of Daruma Tech for this project. You exceeded our expectations through great communications and responsiveness through the development process. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the development of a site-wide app for the nature center.”

Gumbo LimboMichele Kurucz Peel, Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

“Working with Daruma Tech on this ambitious project has been a rewarding experience. It has been exciting as both the museum and the firm are experimenting with new interpretive technologies that will change the way visitors experience aspects of historic sites.

“We are really proud of the platform we have built and the experience both locals and tourists can get from engaging with the Vermont Brewery Challenge.”

JKG Group iconMelissa Corbin, Vermont Brewers

“I would highly recommend Daruma Tech. They were easy to work with and quickly incorporated client feedback. They produced a high quality and user-friendly product that is perfect for an educational interactive in a museum. I look forward to working with their team again!”

ECI Communications iconRachel Bragg, HW Exhibits

“Their attention to detail, customer support, and availability has made working with them a sincere pleasure, and we’re happy to have them as our partners in this effort every day. We look forward to working with them more as our app continues to evolve over time, because we know that whatever we dream up, they will find a way to make it happen.”

ECI Communications iconPaul Leone, New York State Brewers Association

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