The media and publishing landscape is changing fast, and Daruma Tech is always on top of the latest, most innovative options and trends to help you and your business stay a step ahead. Because of this, Daruma Tech has a growing reputation for support to the media and publishing industry. Our extensive list of pre-publishing and e-publishing services include advertisement creation, page design, data conversion, XML solutions, digital media integration, typesetting, graphic production, and project management.

Daruma Tech’s goal is to offer you the ability to enhance production efficiency, significantly lower publishing costs, and enhance distribution capabilities to give you enhanced ROI and market competitiveness.

Whether you are looking for a retro look, a vintage design, or a contemporary and fresh image, we are ready to help you select the right choice for your project. We are also experienced with content porting solutions, whether via the Internet or smartphones, as well as revenue and rights management integration.

With the recent evolution of the publishing world, you no doubt know that integrating your content into the digital aftermarket for publishing is a necessity. Daruma Tech provides services and solutions so you can make a mark in all these domains:

  •  e-Readers
  •  e-Paper devices
  • Publishing applications for smartphones
  • Academic databases and portals
  • RSS feeds
  • Multimedia enriched PDFs
  • Custom print-on-demand (POD)

Need something you don’t see here? Just ask – and watch it happen.

Knowledge Center

  • Daruma Tech’s deep base of media and publishing experience includes these advantages:
  • A team of professionals across the globe with years of experience in the publishing industry
  • Experience creating automated publishing workflow solutions for managing workflow documents
  •  Familiarity with intelligent publication delivery systems, including route optimization, that can save you money on fuel costs.
  • Ability to deliver up to 2 million ads, over 2 million + pages, and 500,000 images per year

Skills and  Implementation

  • Major corporations
  •  Newspapers
  • Books and magazine
  •  Publishers
  •  Professional societies
  • Media agencies
  •  Universities
  • Libraries

Print Media Skills

  • Ad creation and custom page layout
    • Daily newspapers
    • Daily and  weekly tabloids
    • Special edition newspapers
  • Ad creation and complete production
    • Weekly, monthly, and annual magazines
    • Periodical publication
    • Directories and annual reports
  • Image processing
    • Image masking and clipping
    • Image enhancement
    • Image color correction
    • Image re-touching
    • Image cleaning and cloning
    • Image/watermark/signature processing

Digital Media Skills

  • Cross-media solutions, e-publishing
    • Digital magazine for mobile platforms (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
    • Native application for magazines and books
  • Digitization and content repurposing
  • Integrated software and workflow solutions
  • New revenue channels and models