Government organizations face the challenge of maintaining stability in face of workforce fluctuations, changing technology, and pressure to cut costs and avoid financial deficits. In a world where citizens have increased expectations for service, it’s crucial for governmental organizations to find economical ways to meet these expectations.

Daruma Tech has extensive experience delivering value to governmental organizations by analyzing and interpreting the impact of IT investments. Daruma Tech’s specialty is helping public sector organizations identify and isolate any weaknesses in their IT functions and formulating customized plans to both resolve them and ensure continual support for the future.

Daruma Tech’s IT solutions and dual-shore approach guarantee that public sector organizations like yours get premium solutions at a taxpayer-friendly price, backed by a long history of service to governmental agencies:

  • Proud service to public sector organizations for over 16 years
  • More than 20 large, customized projects completed for governmental and semi-government al organizations
  • A dual-shore team of over200 skilled professionals with extensive experience developing IT solutions
  • An impressive portfolio demonstrating a wide range of skills and experience, including Oracle, Java, and Microsoft development
  • Creation and customization of an IT solution that monitors and reports drunk driving cases across 40 counties for a California police department. The application was awarded “Best Application Serving Multiple Jurisdictions” in California
  • Development and creation of an Oracle solution to modify methods of managing land reforms and automate functions related to land ownership, such as those involving regulations, taxes and laws
  • Generated a customized global portal for the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment that included content management and collaboration.

Knowledge Center

Daruma Tech can offer you deep knowledge and experience in services including these:

  • Application portfolio management and modernization
  • Bespoke application development
  • Business intelligence and data warehousing solutions
  • Enterprise business integration solutions
  • IT Infrastructure management services
  • Legacy migration solutions
  • Maintenance and support services
  • Mobility solutions (mobile and tablet)
  • Portal and workflow collaboration
  • Product management services
  • Quality assurance, verification and validation services

Skills and Implementation

  • Daruma Tech has supported the needs of governmental organizations with the following IT services and solutions:
  • Application modernization services for oil, gas, and petrochemicals companies
  • A collaboration and workflow portal for a government-backed investment/venture capital firm
  • An application for managing county documents, annotations, and meetings created for a legislator
  • An enterprise collaboration platform for a leading dairy development board
  • An enterprise mobility solution for the German government
  • A global corporate portal for a defense research establishment in Europe
  • A guide application solution for the European parliament
  • An informative portal for the U.K. and European parliament yearbook
  • A media distribution platform for a transport department Oracle implementation for a rural development and land reforms department
  • An award-winning tracking and reporting solution for a U.S. police department