Experienced Technicians

Daruma Tech is powered by the most experienced and skilled technicians in the industry. Your project benefits from Daruma Tech’s proven product methodology, which enables your dedicated development team to customize solutions on Microsoft technology to create mobile apps, intranets, and original business intelligence solutions designed specifically to meet your needs.

Experienced in a range of methods for project deployment, Daruma Tech is able to provide turkey solutions for all forms of business solutions. Daruma Tech experience and professionalism guarantee you a stress-free production and implementation process for your project, from strategy to configuration to training and maintenance.

Project Development

The Daruma Tech project development plan includes strategic services at all stages:

Financial flexibility: Daruma Tech understands the importance of meeting your needs while respecting your budget. For added peace of mind, a fixed price can be established for your project to ensure that you get both the solution that’s right for your business needs and a price you can live with.

Dedicated Project Team: First-class customer service is a big priority at Daruma Tech. To ensure you get the service you deserve, your project is assigned a designated project manager to work closely with your company. This ensures both that your project runs smoothly and you will always have a direct contact if needed.