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Daruma Tech is powered by the most experienced and skilled technicians in the industry. Your project benefits from Daruma Tech’s proven product methodology, which enables your dedicated development team to customize solutions on Microsoft technology to create mobile apps, intranets, and original business intelligence solutions designed specifically to meet your needs.

Experienced in a range of methods for project deployment, Daruma Tech is able to provide turkey solutions for all forms of business solutions. Daruma Tech experience and professionalism guarantee you a stress-free production and implementation process for your project, from strategy to configuration to training and maintenance.

Project Development

The Daruma Tech project development plan includes strategic services at all stages:

Financial flexibility: Daruma Tech understands the importance of meeting your needs while respecting your budget. For added peace of mind, a fixed price can be established for your project to ensure that you get both the solution that’s right for your business needs and a price you can live with.

Dedicated Project Team: First-class customer service is a big priority at Daruma Tech. To ensure you get the service you deserve, your project is assigned a designated project manager to work closely with your company. This ensures both that your project runs smoothly and you will always have a direct contact if needed.

Essential Step

A proof of concept is an effective tool for showing clients that a particular software platform or template design will work for them. Daruma Tech believes that a proof of concept is essential. Whether your company needs to test a pilot project for a new platform or to gain understanding in a certain area of business, proof of concepts can be an excellent first step.

Daruma Tech experts work closely with your company to implement proof of concepts quickly so that you can meet project deadlines and adapt to changing requirements. By collaborating with your team, Daruma Tech is able to build a solution that you can visualize, test, and approve.

Benefits of Proof of Concept

Encouraging buy-in: It is vital for everyone in your company to be fully on board when it comes to a major new technology or software solution. Creating a proof of concept with limited functionality builds momentum for your project and ensures that essential employees are in the loop and focused on a successful business solution.

Improvement from user feedback: User testing provides a crucial opportunity to monitor responses from real users before a project is finalized. This is vital to the success of your project. Your impressions and suggestions are critical for ensuring your final product meets your expectations and needs.

Skilled Professionals

If your company needs additional in-house expertise to move up to the next level, Daruma Tech’s staff augmentation service is your solution. Daruma Tech provides specialized experts to staff projects for you and respond appropriately to your business objectives. Daruma Tech experts are experienced in leading, guiding, and augmenting client teams in a range of industries.

You will have the opportunity to work with and learn from skilled professionals including SharePoint Masters and SharePoint Most Valued Professionals. This enables your team to draw on their deep domain of knowledge and experience, therefore mitigating project risk. Daruma Tech also has a strong history in training clients to make the best of their Microsoft solutions, such as SharePoint. Whether your knowledge is advanced, or you are just starting out, we can make sure that you know everything that you need to know in order to excel.

Furthermore, these service benefits are available over the lifetime of your product. Daruma Tech’s specialists are always one step ahead of the game, and will ensure your solution stays up to date with the latest technological advances and product upgrades. Whether you need to make specific changes to accommodate a business change or your software needs specific upgrades and updates, we are able to meet these needs without interrupting your workflow.

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