Offshore Staffing: Pros and Cons

Offshore staffing has a mixed reputation in the software development industry: On the upside, it provides significant cost benefits and an additional pool of talent to ensure timely product delivery. But it has also raised concerns about quality, consistency, and accountability – a programmer or designer on the other side of the world may not be easily accessible for questions or have the time and resources to respond to your concerns.

The Best of Both Worlds

Daruma offers confidence-building local responsiveness and accountability teamed with the power of an international talent base. You get dedicated, U.S.-based consultants knowledgeable about U.S. business trends and practices ready to respond to your questions and concerns. These local contacts will also work with you proactively to help you clarify your needs and goals so that you get the custom solution that’s right for you.

You also profit from the technical support and cost benefits of Daruma’s dedicated team of overseas experts. Daruma’s trusted offshore team members, many of whom hold the same high-level Microsoft and other professional certifications as our local programmers, give you the power of additional expert minds supporting your project while preserving your bottom line.

Globally Connected

Daruma’s strategic, proven business processes are built into your project plan to ensure that all professionals working on it, no matter where, are always on the same page and working with your requirements in mind. Now you don’t have to choose between local accountability and cost effectiveness – get the benefits of both.