Design & User Experience

Design services are not just about visual appeal. The user experience is one of the most important factors in the success of any application. Daruma Tech is experienced in the art of design and can easily identify issues with existing applications or create an entirely new design guaranteed to meet your needs. Daruma Tech provides services in the four main areas of user experience:

  • User research: Daruma Tech begins each design service by extensively researching your clients and their needs. This first step is essential for designing a platform that meets the needs of both your business and your potential customers
  • Information architecture: Daruma Tech believes that with any platform design project, content is key. Combining our design knowledge with the latest tools on the market, we ensure that your data and content are organized and optimized to meet the requirements of all major search engines as well as easy for users to understand
  • Application design: Daruma Tech has years of professional experience in creating application designs for a range of platforms including desktop and mobile devices. These applications are not only visually attractive, but easy to navigate – a key factor for business productivity
  • Usability testing: Daruma Tech’s professional design team employs a unique approach to usability that sets us apart from our competitors. Before your site goes live, it is tested for usability and effectiveness of application design in order to identify and correct any potential issues