Data Management

From Sharepoint to CRM, Daruma Tech specialists have decades of combined experience helping businesses like yours with critical data integration strategies. By carefully evaluating your needs, Daruma Tech professionals gain a full understanding of your business philosophy and IT strategy and use this information to implement a strong data management system that will give you easy access to the data you need, immediately and effortlessly. As an added benefit, once your data management solutions are put into place, you will experience a new collaborative partnership between the business and IT departments in your company.

Daruma Tech has partnerships with major data integration manufacturers and boasts high-level certifications and expertise in a wide range of popular data integration software tools and systems. The data integration process includes an extensive range of service offerings, including system integration, master data management (MDM), data migration, metadata management, performance optimization and data cleansing. Daruma Tech professionals have extensive, up-to-date training in these complex solutions and can effectively create reliable and manageable solutions to support your data management needs, regardless of your organization’s size.