Features to improve your business

Businesses on the go need apps that can go with them – and most importantly, apps that will work anywhere. Keep your team and your customers engaged and in touch with the power of portable apps for Windows phones or pocket PCs. A comfortable interface ensures a pleasant user experience, and cloud-based apps ensure reliability and easy access. And mobile apps can do a lot more than you think – from tracking fleet trucks to filling customer orders to scheduling meetings and sending documents, everything your team needs to do business can be done on the go.

Your apps will be built by certified developers with expertise in a wide range of mobile technologies, including SQLLite, Windows Media Player, and IMAPI (for e-mail applications), who will work to your specifications to create, test, and provide ongoing support and upgrades for customized mobile software uniquely tailored to your needs. Here are more examples of what custom mobile apps can do for you:

Inventory Tracking

It is often the case that inventory is in one place while the central database where it’s tracked is in another. Now this doesn’t have to be an inconvenience – inventory can be tracked in the field with a mobile app. Now, everything needed to stay on top of how much is coming and going can be at your team’s fingertips – from bar code scanning to automatic syncing of input and updates to a central database.

Report Creation

If your business requires team members to write reports in the field, a custom mobile app can make their jobs easier and get their information back to you sooner. Easy-to-use templates customized to your industry and your business model ensure you get the information you need, and built-in tools allow report creators to e-mail reports back to the office as soon as they’re done.

Customer Transactions

In the trades and related industries, professionals on the ground work directly with customers to negotiate invoices and service contracts. Mobile apps can now streamline crucial customer transactions by making them nearly paperless – custom apps allow instant creation and scheduling of invoices and even allow electronic customer signatures. You can go completely paperless to reduce the chances of lost or misplaced forms or allow printed copies as an option for customers who want them.

The Sky’s the Limit

Customization means just that – mobile apps expertly designed and tested for your specific needs. The examples shown here are only a hint of what’s possible. What tools do you need at your fingertips to get more done? Just ask, and they will soon be at your disposal.

Why a Mobile App? I’ve Already Got a Web Page!

Of course your web page is a crucial part of your messaging – but if you really want to engage busy customers, you’ll reach them faster and more frequently with a custom app. Here are just a few of the great things mobile apps can do that even the coolest, most mobile-friendly website (sorry) can’t:

Give customers instant access to your business

No frustrating waits for web pages to load

Build customer loyalty

Apps let them track their purchases right on their phones – no more lost punch cards.

Provide a personalized experience

Using the customers’ individual data, your app can provide customized offers and other enticements.

Keep you top of mind

Your app will always be visible on customers’ home screens.

Streamline customer support

Apps make it convenient for customers to submit requests and can offer troubleshooting tips and instructions to speed things along.

Shoppers overwhelmingly prefer mobile apps to mobile web pages for online shopping – call us to see how you can give your customers the online experience they’re looking for.