Surprise and delight your audience with a digital experience they’ll remember. Augmented reality (AR) simply means overlaying digital content onto the real world. Here are some great ways AR can help grow business and attract customers:

Let shoppers experience ownership

AR gives shoppers confidence to buy by letting them visualize your products in their lives– for instance, they can digitally position furniture in their homes or generate images of themselves wearing different makeup or clothes.

Tempt prospects with AR tours

Need more foot traffic? How about a mobile app featuring a tour of your site led by engaging animated characters? An aquarium used this strategy and boosted its ticket sales 152%.

Turn browsers Into buyers

AR can boost sales and enhance the shopping experience by letting shoppers simply point their smart phones at an object to gain instant access to useful information – such as produce descriptions, ratings, similar items, and items frequently bought together.

Boost brand awareness and build engagement

AR makes your brand memorable by getting you even more mileage out of your printed collateral. Users just point their smart phones at your poster or billboard to access games, activities, or even special offers.

Trim your marketing budget

AR is not only a cutting-edge strategy that will get your prospects talking about you, it’s way less expensive than you think – and much more economical than traditional marketing campaigns.