Rob Kennedy
Rob KennedyCo-Founder
“I enjoy working with entrepreneurs that understand the value a well-designed solution can bring to their organization. The way I see it, our success is best measured in their success.”
Susan Erickson
Susan EricksonCo-Founder
“I love working with clients to create an awesome software solution that is spot-on with their vision. Connecting with people and helping them create their dreams it’s a passion.”
Rick Griswold
Rick GriswoldDirector of Finance and Business Operations
“I love uncovering nuggets of business intelligence, that when implemented, audited and finally adopted allows for efficiency, productivity, cash flow and ultimately profits.”
Alejandro Capriles
Alejandro CaprilesDigital Marketing Manager
“My mission is to help our clients develop their brand identity and create campaigns and visual resources that communicate their philosophy and grab the attention of potential customers.”
Karla Hernandez
Karla HernandezGraphic / 3D Artist
“My mission is to provide creative services in all designs. I strive to meet and surpass the expectations of our clients.”
Martha Leon
Martha LeonSoftware Developer
“I enjoy building software solutions that bring into reality our clients’ vision, and ultimately helping them excel in their field.”
Jon Paricien
Jon ParicienSoftware Developer
“I love coming to work every day and developing software for our clients that will not only put a smile on their face but give them a leg up in the competitive market.”
Paige Stegeman
Paige StegemanContent Creator
“I love to help clients explore new ways to achieve their flawless websites, graphics, and social media. I can relate to the clients, so I know exactly how to make their passion come to a reality.”