Daruma Tech Attends MODS Event with Superintendent Runcie

Last week, Broward County School Superintendent, Robert Runcie, scheduled a visit with the Museum of Discovery & Science (MODS) to get a first-hand look at what local students are involved in. Daruma Tech was honored to attend this event and take part in the special presentation. President, Joseph Cox and Vice President of Programs, Joseph Cytacki proudly watched as their APP-titude students performed a demo of the projects developed by the students as part of the 2019 APP-titude program.  Mr. Runcie all got to experience the newly added interactive feature: The Panther Prowl.  

The MODS mobile app, developed by Daruma Tech, showcases student apps developed by students participating in the MODS APP-titude. These student projects include interactive quizzes, videos, and scavenger hunts, which also incorporate the popular “augmented reality.” The app was designed to be expandable and able to accommodate additional student projects as the APP-titude program continues into future years. 

This year’s internship program included a 3-week session at FAU in Boca Raton, where students worked with Unity and Vuforia software programs. Daruma Tech created a “mini mobile app” for this week’s event to give guests an opportunity to experience the student’s content as a museum visitor would. Not only was this demonstration beneficial for the Superintendent, it also helped the students to see how their projects worked in a real-life environment.   

Mr. Cytacki also showed Mr. Runcie the latest App feature: The Panther Prowl. Sponsored by the Florida Panthers Foundation, The Panther Prowl is an augmented reality experience where app users can discover Florida Panthers hiding throughout the Museum of Discovery & Science and collect badges as they tour and discover the various museum exhibits.  To learn more about the MODS APP-titude program, click here. To download the mobile app, click here 

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