Loop the Lake for Literacy

Daruma Tech applies its strengths to serving its community as well as its clients. For the past four years, Daruma Tech has been proud to support and participate in the Loop the Lake for Literacy ride organized by the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County.

The  Coalition’s ultimate goal is to ensure that every child and adult in Palm Beach County becomes a reader, and Daruma Tech is proud to play a part in helping them reach this goal.

Rob Kennedy, president and founder of Daruma Tech, took on the job of designing the Loop the Lake website as well as personally participating in the ride himself every year. “If my participation can help support even one person in their journey to literacy, then it was absolutely worth the effort,” he said. The ride, which takes place around Lake Okeechobee, offers riders a stunning view.  We encourage you to join us in supporting this cause which can help so many local families learn to read, write, and strive for a better future.