The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization Partners with Daruma Tech to Create & Maintain Their Website

Our mission is to collaboratively plan, prioritize and fund the delivery of diverse transportation options throughout Broward. The way we embody that collaboration is ensuring that everyone has an easy way to access our information and can contact us with their thoughts and concerns. An inviting, interactive website is a central component in reaching those live, work and play in Broward and with Daruma Tech continuing to deliver their support and expertise, MPO is successful in our mission.

Gregory Stuart
Executive Director
Broward MPO

Overall user response to the updated Broward MPO website has been positive. The Broward MPO site has been an important part of the agency’s communication efforts. Incorporating meaningful feedback from the community to select well-funded projects is a central part of our agency’s vision. Daruma Tech’s expertise and support has enabled more opportunities for open dialogue with our community.

Erica Lychak
Communications Manager
Broward MPO