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Demand for Mobile

The demand for access to business information and applications on mobile technologies (Apple iPhone, iPad, tablets, Droids, etc.) has grown so prevalent that companies wanting to retain top performers cannot afford to ignore it. The integration of mobile devices such as computers, smartphones, laptops and PDAs streamline collaboration between businesses, staff, customers, and vendors.

Daruma Tech offers you the highest-quality services in mobile technologies through its team’s combined knowledge in systems integration, management consulting, and data management. While advancing business productivity, Daruma Tech also offers flexible, maintainable, and secure applications that do not disrupt existing enterprise systems. You’ll work with experienced project managers skilled in handling complex sets of goals and processes to ensure that your mobile technologies become a long-term solution.

Here is a sampling of Daruma Tech’s customized mobile technology solutions:

  • Mobile infrastructure
  • Mobile website and/or application development
  • Mobile commerce solutions
  • Mobile marketing solutions
  • Mobile communication solutions
  • Mobile technology hardware / software management solutions
  • GPS tracking solutions
  • Much, much more

Strategic Partners

Daruma Tech has development staff located in the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University in Florida and at Gateway Technolabs in India.

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